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Wait Staff & Bartenders

Wait Staff & Bartenders
5 hour minimum

  • Professional uniformed staff

  • We only hire experienced staff who will keep things moving, make your event go smooth, and offer stellar service to you and all of your guests. We believe that every guest is a v.i.p. we are very particular about who we work with on our events.

  • Kitchen helpers that reheat already cooked food, dishwashers (if you are not using disposables,) and barbacks are $35 per hour each

  • Servers, bartenders, and station cooks are $35 per hour each

  • Sous chefs (onsite grilling) are $40 per hour each

  • Chefs who cook the entire meal onsite are $50 per hour each

  • Catering event captains are $50 per hour

  • Wedding reception coordinator $100 per hour

  • Wedding ceremony coordinator $150 per hour

  • A 20% staff gratuity will be added to your bill

  • Beautiful trade show models or brand ambassador events are $40 per hour each

  • Our bartenders will complete the bar set-up, mix and serve drinks, keep the bar area neat and tidy, and do final cleanup and breakdown of the bar. They will box up your unused alcohol, however they do not carry boxes of alcohol to your car.

  • Our servers will do complete set up, place settings, plate and serve dinners, serve from the buffet, replenish, make coffee, and serve coffee, slice and serve desserts,

  • Pour water and wine, pick up trash during your event, empty trash into the venue trash dumpster, and do the final big clean up.

  • Our servers will put all of your favors, decorations, and anything else you wish to save on a dedicated table; however, our servers do not carry personal belongings to your car.

  • Our servers will fold and unfold your chair rentals, they are not furniture movers, however, if the venue requires it, they are happy to fold and unfold the foldable tables

  • Or roll any round tables into the venue storage area.

  • Our staff do not mop floors or do any type of janitorial work.

  • Our staff are not able to stop their work to assist your photographer or any other vendors you hire.

  • If your event falls on a major Holiday or a Holiday weekend all of the staff pricing is $10 more per staff

"Fully Insured"